and musictherapy
Cyber Harp is attractive especially for kids. Its magic impression and unlimited possibilities of playing with sound and movement stimulate children's imagination and encourage them to music education and artistic development. We collaborate with schools and medical institutions using Cyber Harp for education and rehabilitation of physical and intellectual disabilities. Cyber Harp's software is a powerful tool to create diverse interactive games and educational applications, composed of music scenarios and visual projections.
and Strings Technology
The larger version of CYBER HARP
for dance and theatre
Because of great interactive possibilities, Cyber Harp can be a spectacular addition to performing arts like dancing or acting. Following this idea, we built a bigger model of Cyber Harp, which is 2,5 meter high and can fit 1-3 adults. It gives a creative space to use dynamics of the whole human body and control sounds by movement or dance.
We are eager to develop and discover performing possibilities of the instrument and we are open to collaboration with performers like musicians, actors, dancers, DJs and artists interested in audio-visual fields.
Therapeutic benefits
Cyber Harp as a technology engaging several senses at the same time and stimulating physical exercises, it can be a great method to support people with special needs in their therapy. Doing exercises or playing games with Cyber Harp helps to create an effective and stress free environment for educational or therapeutic purposes. We are open to collaborate with  physio and music therapists and share therapeutic benefits of Cyber Harp with special needs people.
The innovative strings arrangement and special created software are essential technologies of Cyber Harp.
The sofware allows you to tune all strings individually and also compose and save whole music sequences. You have also an option to change your sequences and record your compositions, while you play. The strings visualization, included in the software illustrates a sound arrangment in the frame space. It helps to create your own spectacular music scenarios by planning the relation between sound and direction or expression of your movement.
CYBER HARP has 32 strings (16 vertical and 16 horizontal), constructed with infrared rays, which are arranged as a coordinate grid. This system makes Cyber Harp not only a widely programmable musical instrument, but also a very creative un-touched screen, which can be navigated just by body movement. Our harp can work together with visual projections, that opens a whole new world of opportunities to create interactive screens, menus or applications for many diverse purpose - commercial or educational.
This empty frame appearing like a square window is actually an electronic harp with invisible infrared strings.
Cyber Harp has a specially created software, that makes it a programmable device, working as a midi controller. The software allows you to tune 32 strings individually by uploading and playing any sound or a music track.  It means, the Cyber Harp can sound like a classical harp, it can also play some nature sounds or any modern sound effects.
The infrared sensors trace not only individual strings, but also the position of your hands in the frame. You can feel the interaction between your movement and sound, volume or soundtrack speed.