Picture-rolla is a vision of our innovative, scenic easel, that we use to create spectacular performances of live painting, complimented by visual projections and sound effects. Picture-rolla is a large cube with 1,5 meter side, A front wall of the cube is a main screen, backlighted by the projector. Picture-rolla has 4 big rolls located on its 4 corners. It allows to paint on a big, panoramic piece of a transparent foil, which can be scrolled around the cube.
Have a look at a trailer of our performance "Passing Polish Landscapes", that we performed at Deakin Edge during the PolArt Festival 2015.
The show "Passing Polish Landscapes" is a live painted story, presenting the atmosphere and beauty of Polish scenery, The final effect of the show is creating  6 meters long, panoramic painting, including different themes such as Polish nature, mountains and historic buildings.
Now we're preparing a new project, inspired by beauty of Australian out- back. More details soon.